Yahoo Mail Sign In
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A Mail account is the best way to access the portal’s extensive range of resources –from Yahoo! Mail, News, and Finance to Flickr and cloud storage– and get the most out of everything Yahoo! has to offer.

Yahoo! Mail makes it easy for you to sign in to your account from your computer, phone or tablet, connecting you to the portal’s extensive suite of services within seconds. Simply follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to sign in not only in Yahoo! Mail but a host of related services.

Yahoo Mail Sign In tutorial

1. Go to Yahoo! If you already have a Yahoo! Mail account (see Yahoo! Mail Sign Up for more information on how to create an account) simply go to or located the Yahoo! icon on your mobile device. Still don’t have the app? Download it from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your device.

2. Enter your username. Type your username (also known as your Yahoo! ID, this is the name you use as your email address) in the space provided and click “Next”.

Enter your email for Yahoo! Mail Sign In

3. Enter your password. The next screen should display your Yahoo! username/email address followed by a space to enter your password. Type your password and click “Sign In”. You’re now logged in!

Password on Yahoo Mail sign in

4. Forgot your password? Yahoo! provides a number of trouble-shooting options to help you access your account in case you forget your password. Click “Forgot password” and you’ll be taken to a page to help you get into your account.

Yahoo Mail lost password

You’ll need to provide a sign-in email address or phone number, a recovery phone number, or a recovery email address to get started. Enter one of these options and click “Continue”. Yahoo will then ask you to verify that you have access to the phone associated with your account. Enter your phone number and Yahoo! will send you an Account Key to verify your identity.

Enter the Account Key sent to your phone. The Account Key, which is usually an eight-letter code, may take a few minutes to arrive and should not be shared with anyone. After you enter the Account Key in the space provided click “Verify”.

Success! You are now be signed in under your usual username. Click “Continue” to access all Yahoo! services and resources or “Create Password” to create a new password.