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Want to stay up-to-date on breaking news? Looking for the score from last night’s game? Yahoo! has got you covered. From Yahoo! News to Yahoo! Sports, this one-stop shop is the place to go for all things news, from the latest headlines from around the world to in-depth original content to comprehensive sports coverage, all just a few clicks away.

Yahoo!’s main news page is the internationally renowned Yahoo! News. Launched in August 1996, Yahoo News has grown from an internet-based news aggregator to one of the world’s top news sites. Easily accessible through the Yahoo! homepage at, as well as the Yahoo! App, Yahoo! News is an international news powerhouse with an estimated 175 million unique monthly visitors.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News offers an engaging user experience by making it possible to comment on, like and share individual news articles. Users can search, consume and converse around the news without a Yahoo! account, although users with a Yahoo! ID can hand-pick how they want to see the news, program news alerts, and create news feeds. Still don’t have a Yahoo! ID? Find out how to create your account here).

Yahoo News breaks its news down into categories to make it even easier for users to find what they’re looking for. Yahoo! USA, for example, features the latest U.S. news, from breaking stories from Reuters to videos to original content by some of the top names in U.S. media. Yahoo! Sports, launched in December 1997 and Yahoo!’s source for sports news, scores and statistics, offers the latest sports headlines along with separate pages for all major sports and leagues.

Yahoo News has also upped its mobile game with the launch of its Yahoo! News Digest, an app that distills the news into important, need-to-know bits of information. Digests are delivered twice a day and summarize and present key information for a comprehensive and effortless reading experience that keeps users on top of what’s happening.

From region-specific news like Yahoo! USA to the latest sports headlines on Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News continues to dominate the international news scene as a site where users can find all the news they’re looking for all in one place, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.