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Yahoo Messenger
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Yahoo Messenger is one of the oldest messaging platforms – first launched in 1998 as a desktop instant messaging app, the service was rebooted in late 2015 with a revamped version that focused on mobile, group messaging and image sharing. You can now share photos instantly, send GIFs and unsend messages, and since it’s been around for so long it has the added advantage that many of your friends may already be using it.

Available for iOS and Google as well as for desktops within Yahoo! Mail, the relaunched version of Yahoo! Messenger works just like any other modern messaging app: you can chat with your friends and create group conversations. But Yahoo! Messenger also offers a host of additional features that make it stand out.

Yahoo! is the company behind Flickr and Yahoo! Messenger takes full advantage of the partnership: the app lets you shoot a pic with your phone, pick photos from your camera roll, and the app compresses the photos for easier and faster sending. Yahoo! Messenger also lets you download original full-size photos and organizes photos into easy-to-browse albums.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger offers an enhanced suite of messaging capabilities that make it easier to keep in touch with friends. Have you pressed send by accident, sent a message to the wrong person, or said something you now regret? One of the platform’s most unique features is the ability to recall a message and delete it from your recipient’s phone; messages can be instantly unsent, making it possible to delete a message even before the recipient notices.

The new version of Yahoo! Messenger also lets you “like” messages: users can simply click the heart to like photos and messages within a conversation.

You can also express yourself by sending GIFs directly from the app. You can add animated GIFs to your messages by clicking the GIF button to access Tumblr (Yahoo! also owns this popular GIF database), where you can search and browse GIFs by keyword.

How to install Yahoo Messenger

Here’s how to get started:

1. Download the Yahoo! Messenger app. You can visit this page to download the app on a mobile device; select either the Apple Store or Google Play to download. Visit this page if you want to download the desktop app for Windows or Mac. Follow the instructions to download and install the app.

Download and install Yahoo Messenger

2. Enter your credentials
. A Yahoo! email address is required to use Yahoo! Messenger. If you already have an account, open the app on your desktop or mobile device and enter your username and password. If you still haven’t created a Yahoo! Mail account, you can find instructions and tips here.

Yahoo Messenger login

3. You’re in! You can now use all the features of Yahoo! Messenger’s full-fledged messaging platform. When you sign in to the app for the first time, you can use your phone number to scan your address book to find other Yahoo! Messenger friends. You can also invite friends, write and send messages (complete with GIFs and photos) and create group conversations.

A few tips for using Yahoo Messenger

1. Add photos to your messages. Upload photos to send with your message by clicking on the icon with the mountains on it. You can also take a new photo by clicking on the camera button. On the mobile version, you can select a GIF from the Yahoo! catalog by clicking the GIF button.

Yahoo Messenger emoticons

2. Unsend a message. You can now recall a message if you’ve sent something by error, sent a message to the wrong person or want to take back something you’ve said. Simply open the message and click the trash icon to unsend a message.

Happy chatting!