Yahoo Mail Login
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Creating a Yahoo! Mail account gives users access to everything from email to breaking news, sports, music, photos and more, making it possible to get more out of the web than ever before. Users can do their Yahoo Mail login from a computer, phone or tablet for lightning-fast access to the portal’s host of services. Ready to log in to your account?

Follow these easy, hassle-free instructions and you’ll be just seconds away from accessing Yahoo!’s full range of services, including Yahoo! Mail, Flickr, cloud storage and Yahoo! Finance, News, and Sports.

Step by step Yahoo Mail login process

1. Open any web browser and go to Yahoo! Already have a Yahoo! Mail account? To log in, simply open any web browser to go to If you haven’t created an account yet, check out “Create a Yahoo Mail! Account” for more information.

If you want to log in from your mobile device, download the Yahoo! Mail app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

2. Enter your Yahoo! Mail email address. Also known as your username or Yahoo! ID, this is everything that comes before the in your email address. If your Yahoo! ID has a different extension, however, you’ll need to enter your full email address.

If you are logging in from a secure device, leave the “Stay signed in” box checked and you won’t be required to enter your password and username if you access Yahoo! Mail again from the same device. Otherwise, leave the “Stay signed in” box unchecked to protect your account’s security.

Yahoo Mail Login

3. Enter your password. On the page that opens, you’ll be prompted to enter your password. Your password is case sensitive and hidden, so make sure you type it correctly in the space provided and click “Sign In”. Success! You have completed the login process and have full access to all your favorite Yahoo! services.

Yahoo Mail Login - Password request

4. Forgot your username or password? Yahoo! makes it easy for you to recuperate your username or password in case you’ve forgotten them. Simply click “Forgot password” and Yahoo! will ask you to provide either an alternate email address or a recovery phone number. Type in one of these options and click “Continue”.

Yahoo Mail lost password

Yahoo will then ask you to verify that the recovery email address or phone you’ve enter is actually yours. Enter the information requested and Yahoo! will send you an Account Key. This is typically an eight-letter code that you should enter in the space provided and click “Verify”.

Yahoo Mail account key

On the following page, click “Continue” to once again have access to your account under your usual username and password, or click “Create Password” to create a new password.