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Yahoo Answers
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Yahoo Answers, which receives some 3.1 million monthly users worldwide, is one of Yahoo!’s most popular properties. This crowd-sourced question-and-answer (Q&A) site is driven by the Yahoo! community: anyone looking for information that a traditional web search fails to provide can ask and answer questions on any subject. These range from niche questions that require a technical answer to more opinion- or experience-based queries, even topics that are too embarrassing to discuss anywhere else. The result? A site that is both informative and entertaining, a repository for everything from the mundane to the absurd.

Yahoo Answers debuted in 2005, replacing the popular Ask Yahoo! platform, and is now available in 12 languages. A Yahoo ID! is required to ask or answer a question (follow these easy steps to sign up for your own Yahoo! account), although any name can be used as identification on Yahoo! Answers for increased privacy and anonymity.

Yahoo Answers

Questions are categorized both by topic and what’s most popular. A point system encourages users to answer questions and contributors can compete to boost their ranking by both answering the most questions and collecting positive feedback on the answers they give. Questions are initially opened for questions for four days, and users pick the best answer once a number of answers are submitted.

A user moderation system handles questions that breach the site’s guidelines or Terms of Service. Top contributors (those who answer questions, have their answers selected as Best Answers or select Best Answers themselves) are listed on a leaderboard on Yahoo Answer’s home page.

Questions on the go with Yahoo Answers

Yahoo! offers users a more practical solution for asking and answering questions on the go with its native app Yahoo Answers Now. The app includes exclusive features like emojis, the ability to follow other users, and matching questions with “qualified responders”. Yahoo Answers Now can be installed from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Have a question you need answered?

  •  Go to Yahoo! Answers and sign in. You’ll need a Yahoo! ID to answer or post a question (click here for instructions on how create a Yahoo! account).
  • Ask your question. Enter your question in the “Ask a question” box where it says “What’s up?”. Questions are usually answered in minutes. Your question may already exists, and Yahoo! Answers will present several options under “Existing Similar Questions” if your question is similar to one that has already been asked. If you find an exact match or a question you’re interested in seeing, click the question.
  • Review your question. The clearer your question, the better the answers. Add the information and details necessary to clarify your question.
  • Add photo/video. Click Add photo/video if you want to supplement your question with visual material.
  • Click Submit. Your question is now in the hands of the Yahoo! Answers community! You will be automatically alerted when your question receives an answer or is edited.
    All questions and answers can be managed from the “My Questions” and “My Answers” tabs.
  • Edit. The “Edit” button next to the question title makes it possible to update your question, edit the question category to select where your question fits best, ask an anonymous question and delete a question.

Want to remain anonymous?

Whether you want to ask an embarrassing question or simply protect your privacy even further, Yahoo! Answers offers users the possibility to post and answer questions anonymously:

  1. Sign in to Yahoo! Need help? Follow these easy steps for logging into to your Yahoo! account. If you still haven’t created a Yahoo! ID, check out this article to create an account in a few quick clicks.
  2. Enter your question. Ask your question in where it says “What’s up?” in the “Ask a question” field.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Edit. Click the edit icon next to the question title.
  5. Make yourself anonymous. Select “Make Anonymous” and you’re ready to post your question without using your Yahoo! Answer username.